French Roulette Pro

French Roulette Pro

Game info

  • Min. Bet: £1.0
  • Max. Win: £52,500.0
  • Live Dealer: No
  • Seats: 0
  • Number of Decks: 0
  • Special Bets: Yes
  • Produced by: GVG
French Roulette is the classic variant of the ever-popular and dazzling casino game. With its origins in 18th century France and the actual word ‘roulette’ meaning ‘little wheel’ in French, even today the gameplay of French Roulette is in French. That hasn’t deterred other language speakers from enjoying, if not preferring, this version of the game. Another feather in its cap are the payouts - compared to different varieties, this table favorite has the lowest house edge. ICE36' French Roulette is fully optimized for mobile so that you can have a fantastic online gaming experience wherever you are.

French Roulette Online Explained

French Roulette is primarily European Roulette with a slightly different table layout. What makes this game a hit is its RTP. While each version of the game varies depending on the software provider, it is usually between 97% and 99%. However, keep in mind that an RTP is only a speculative orientation and luck is an unavoidable part of every game.

How is it Different from Other Types of Roulette?

There are several differences between French Roulette and other variants of the game. It is, however, most similar to European Roulette in that there is one zero on a 37-numbered wheel — as opposed to the zero and double zero of American Roulette. French Roulette has a house edge of 2.7% (vs. the American’s 5.3%). The zeros are marked in green slots and players can bet on them if they like.

Another feature is the use of the ‘La Partage’ (‘sharing’) and ‘En Prison’ rules, which kick in when the ball lands on zero and further reduces the house edge to 1.35% — the lowest house edge of any other roulette game. If the game applies the En Prison rule, then all bets placed on the even money paying bets remain on the table for the following spin. If the same wager wins on that spin, the player retrieves the stake. If it loses, the entire bet is lost. If the La Partage rule is in play, a ball landing in the green zero pockets on an even-money wager (even/odd, high/low, or red/black), then players only lose half the value of their even-money bets as opposed to losing all of it.


The La Partage and En Prison rules add excitement and are more favorable towards players compared to the typical American and European roulette games.

The table layout for outside bets differs in French Roulette, for example, there is an additional Racetrack betting area that places Racetrack bets on the side, but the stakes are the same. The position of the numbers on the wheels are also different. Additionally, the words on the table and betting options are all in French – there’s no need to start searching for online French tutorials, a Google search will dig up plenty of translation guides for the game.

Traditionally, the French Roulette table has a wheel in the middle and the table on either side. However, this arrangement is hardly ever seen outside of Monte Carlo casinos. You'll most likely see the standard layout where the table taking bets is on one end, and the wheel is at the other, as in London roulette.


French Roulette Game Features

When playing French Roulette, you’ll first notice that the outside bets are all renamed with French wording, however, don’t be put off – perhaps the text is different, but all the bets work the same way. The best thing to do is to get to know the French lingo used in the game, become familiar with the payouts and betting odds, cash in on of the more familiar outside wins, utilize the En Prison and La Partage rules to your advantage, play for low stakes, and keep a level head.

You can try using a well-known betting strategy, such as Martingale or Paroli to help cut your losses and increase your winnings by strategizing when to escalate your wager, but remember, at the end of the day, gambling is a matter of luck and chance.

Quick Guide of French Roulette Bets

As a game of chance, there is no proven scientific formula to guarantee a win. Players can increase their winning opportunities and at least try to extend their play. They should try to play for as many spins per session as possible. They can do this by placing modest bets and by playing only the outside, even money wagers.

Doing so not only guarantees the lowest house edge but helps players keep within their budget and play for longer. Most importantly, players should get to know the game well by playing in demo mode, before placing real money bets. Last, but not least, the game should be played for enjoyment as much as for the possibilities of achieving great fortune on the ‘little wheel.’

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