London Roulette Wheel in Action

London Roulette by Evolution

Game info

  • Min. Bet: £1.0
  • Max. Win: £36,000.0
  • Live Dealer: Yes
  • Seats: 0
  • Number of Decks: 0
  • Special Bets: Yes
  • Produced by: Evolution Live
ICE36 brings roulette lovers a whole new way to experience this charming game. London Roulette is a live dealer game using progressive online software to stream gaming action from live tables creating a real brick-and-mortar casino feeling with a human touch. Premier software developers Evolution Gaming has taken this to the next level by creating live game versions that reproduce the inside of land-based casinos in a selection of leading locations. In London Roulette, the tables are operated by skilled native English-speaking British dealers from an excellent location modeled after top casinos in London.

London Roulette Online Explained

If you’re itching to experience London Roulette, head directly to the table. Just like in a land-based casino, taking part in the online game involves placing real cash bets. Rookie players may be a bit disappointed as they're used to discovering game features in demo play mode before advancing to real bet versions. However, Evolution Gaming’s live London Roulette online casino lets you look around the casino floor and choose a table without being obligated to place bets. While you’re at a London Roulette table, check the table limits, bet variations, payouts, and rules. These details are accessible to observers who are still not active, so you can learn before jumping in.

How is it Different from Other Types of Roulette?

Other than being a live dealer variant, and hence very entertaining version of roulette, London Roulette doesn’t have any special rules. Entertainment aside, you can rely on the regular European Roulette rubrics. The table layout, available bets, and payouts are the same as for Evolution Gaming's other European Roulette variants, like French Roulette. The superb design and decor and the interaction with the live dealer set it apart. Having a spur-of-the-moment chat with a dealer makes a more significant difference than you can imagine when it comes to having the ultimate gaming experience. The vibe at the table is fantastic, and occasionally, players even share a good joke with the dealer.

London Roulette Game Features

The London Roulette wheel features 37 pockets, as opposed to American roulette that has 38, and a single 0. The layout contains regular outside and inside betting zones and a racetrack for neighbor bets. In normal preview mode, the racetrack is shown as an essential part of the baize; however, in the alternate view, a player can switch it on and off from the toggle button. Although some wagers are dicier than others, the game’s general theoretical RTP is 97.3%, which means an expediently low house edge of just 2.7%. Additionally, the table has a statistics billboard that displays the last ten winning numbers. When extended, the panel has some additional exciting options. You can change between three screens displaying the cold and hot numbers, the percentage share by the type of bet, and the entire order of numbers from the complete sample. The sample can also be modified to include 50- 500 rounds.


Quick Guide of London Roulette Bets

There are certain features in London Roulette that can be useful to achieve a positive gaming outcome. There are three tips for placing bets quicker and easier. Firstly, you have the option to save bets as your favorites and quickly locate and then repeat them. Secondly, the autoplay option lets you choose how many game rounds you want to play without having to click spin - watch the ball spin around the wheel while you put your feet up and wait for a lucky break. Lastly, you can place ordinary inside and outside bets straight from the statistics billboard.

As far as regular bets are concerned, here is some more info on payouts to give you the bigger picture. Inside bet payouts kick-off at 5:1 for a line and reach 35:1 for a straight up. As expected, outside bets pay lower as they have bigger outcome odds. Dozens and columns pay 2:1, and even/odd, red/black, and high/low wagers pay 1:1. You can place neighbor bets in the conventionally named sections of the racetrack.

Moreover, you can place custom bets on any number you choose and up to 9 of its neighbors. The payouts, in this case, are the same as those of the regular bets that form the combined bet. The same is true for all unusual bets because they are also composite by nature. You can select Finales a Cheval or Finales en Plein from the special bets panel. The table limits also differ for each type of bet ranging from €2- €10,000. However, the highest stakes are permitted only on the low payout wagers. On the other end are the splits and straight ups where the max bet is just €500. However, with the payouts, one can still land spectacular wins.

London Roulette renders the style and elegance of the most notable casinos in London. The English-speaking dealers deliver a vivid live online roulette and casino gambling experience. ICE36 invites you to try your luck at London’s land-based casinos of London without leaving your home or to enjoy it on the go from your handheld.

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