Reactoonz Slot Review

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Meet the Reactoonz in this sweet, exciting slot from Play’n GO! Thanks to the cascade feature, you could land win after win, and the Quantum features can change the gameplay in different ways. There’s lots more in this great game to cover, so read our Reactoonz slot review below for all the essential details! 

Reactoonz Slot Details and Technical Features

Reactoonz is played on a 7x7 grid filled with irresistibly cute Reactoonz. You need to land five or more matching symbols in a line, horizontally or vertically, to win! 

This will trigger the cascade feature: all winning symbols will vanish and others will fall in from above to fill the empty positions. So, you may create multiple matches on any one spin and accumulate some big wins!

When you play Reactoonz slot, just tap the ‘spin’ button to replace the current symbols with a new batch. The range of stake options appears at the bottom of the screen. Use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons on either side to scroll through them, then tap one to start playing at that stake. 

Game Symbols 

The symbols in Play’n GO’s Reactoonz mobile slot include two- and one-eyed creatures. They’re all adorable and unique, with different colours and distinguishing features. 

The top-paying symbol is the Purple Two-Eyed symbol, worth up to 750x your bet for 15 or more. The Green Two-Eyed symbol pays up to 300x, and the Two-Eyed Orange symbol offers up to 150x your bet. The Blue Two-Eyed symbol pays up to 75x. 

The One-Eyed Purple and Red symbols award up to 10x. The One-Eyed Green and Yellow symbols offer up to 3x your bet. Bigger symbols may also appear — we’ll cover these later in our Reactoonz online slot review.


Play’n GO’s Reactoonz slot UK has a 96% RTP and high volatility. You can wager between 0.20 and 100 per spin. 

Reactoonz Slot Bonus Features


Gigantoonz and Fluctuation

Land four matching standard symbols on adjacent reels, in a square shape, to automatically create Gigantoonz. When Gigantoonz form part of a winning combination, the resulting prize will be doubled! 

A single one-eyed symbol will become a fluctuating symbol on each spin. When any fluctuating symbols feature in a winning combination, they will leave two Wilds on the reels to help build new combinations. 


There’s a chance for the 3x3 Gargantoon symbol to drop four to eight Wilds onto the reels during any initial non-winning spin.

The Gargantoon will appear as a Wild and substitute for all other symbols if the Quantum queue reaches it. The Gargantoon will become divided and move position with each cascade you trigger. It will split into two 2x2 Wilds at first, then separate into nine Wilds. New symbols will cascade down and fill positions before the Gargantoon moves. 

Quantum Leap

In the Reactoonz casino slot, the Quantum meter charges when you win, and a random Quantum feature will be added to the queue after you win on 25 symbols. As many as four Quantum features may be queued, and charging the meter a fifth time will add the Gargantoon feature. 

If there are any Quantum features in the queue, they will be triggered when there are no more wins. The round will end when all of the Quantum features queued have been activated and no more winning combinations are available. 

Quantum Features

There are five Quantum features available:

  • Implosion: 3 to 6 symbols will become Wilds and destroy surrounding symbols.
  • Demolition: All one-eyed symbols and matching symbols will be destroyed.
  • Incision: A Wild symbol will be placed in the middle, with two diagonal lines cutting across the reels. The same random symbol will appear on those lines.
  • Alteration: A one-eyed symbol will be selected at random, and all matching symbols will become another symbol.
  • Wild: Wilds remain unaffected by Quantum features, and can appear as part of the Quantum and Fluctuation features only. 

Reactoonz Slot on ICE36


Reactoonz is a unique slot with a fun theme, distinctive features, and loveable creatures paying various prizes. If you want to try it after reading our Reactoonz slot machine review, just sign in to play Reactoonz at Ice36 today!

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