Play Reactoonz at ICE36
Play Reactoonz at ICE36


Play Reactoonz at ICE36Play Reactoonz at ICE36
Bet Range
Bet Range
£0.20 - £50
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Play N Go
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Game Theme
Game Theme
Horror/Monster, Sci-Fi

Reactoonz Slot Machine Game Review and Online Demo


The Reactoonz slot has an exciting arcade-like game with an alien theme that is brought to life by an animated, glitzy blue background and cartoon-like graphics. Join multiplier aliens on the reels and enjoy their elegant design that creates a fun, otherworldly vibe. Look out for cascading reels, power-ups, and adorable characters. The cascading game engine means you repeatedly win from every spin leading to more features. It's a winning chain reaction with Reactoonz.


Table of Contents

1. Game Description
Game Graphics
3. How to Play Reactoonz Slot Online
4. Game Controls
5. Demo
6. Meet the Symbols
7. Bonuses and Special Features
8. Reactoonz Game Reviews
9. Pros and Cons
10. Video
11. Game FAQ
12. Play This Game at ICE36 Casino



Game Description

Reactoonz is played out on a 7x7 grid. The aim is to gather clusters of animated aliens. There are a whopping seven bonus features, including 5 Quantum features – the most rewarding of which is the Gargantoon feature that gives you 3x3, 2x2, and 1x1 wilds on the reels. The symbols include four lower-valued aliens, four higher-paying ones, and a vortex wild. The highest paying symbol is a pink alien that rewards 750X a wager if you land five across the payline. The vortex replaces all symbols to help you form winning combos.



This game has an exciting outer space theme. The quality of the graphics and animation of Reactoonz are really good. It is set in a galactic background with very cute smiling aliens as symbols. The animation sequence is also amazing which makes the game play very smooth. The artwork is really good and detailed with a basic design along with vibrant eye-catching colours. The whole visual aspects tie in well together for the set theme.

Reactoonz Slot - Game Graphics

How to Play Reactoonz Slot Online

The game mechanics are quite simple and you'll definitely get a hang of it in no time.

All you have to do is follow these very simple and basic steps:

Reactoonz Slot - Step 1
1. Launch the game. After that, you’ll be welcomed by cute extraterrestrials in a 7x7 game grid. 
Reactoonz Slot - Step 2
2. The next thing to do is to decide on the amount that you’d like to bet. Simply adjust the current stake by pressing '+' button, '-' button or by pressing the value itself at the bottom of the screen. You can stake from a minimum of 0.20 up to a maximum of 50 per spin.
Reactoonz Slot - Step 3
3. Once you’ve set the amount that you’d like to stake, click the Green Play button on the lower right part of the screen to start spinning the reels.
Reactoonz Slot - Step 4
4. And that's about it. This summarises what you will need to know to get in the action. You can now test your luck in landing winning combinations, triggering bonuses and landing big rewards!


Game Controls

Below are the following controls that you can use to play Reactoonz:

Paytable Button (i): Displays the Paytable. This is where you can see the symbols and winning values.

-/+: This is where you control and set your bet amount. Press - to decrease the stake and press + to increase the stake.

Spin (Green): This will trigger the reels to spin. Pressing this button will start betting the amount that you entered on the staking section.

Hamburger button: Toggle Sound, Fast Play and Space bar to spin On/Off .

Speaker Icon: Toggle the sound On/Off

Reactoonz Slot - Game Control


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*Demo games are only available to registered players with fully verified accounts. Players with fully verified accounts needs to login to play the demo.


Meet the Symbols

Meet the 10 cute and fun Extraterrestrial symbols. The symbols are divided into 4 high paying symbols, 4 low paying symbols, 1 Wild symbol and 1 Special Wild symbol. Little one-eyed aliens return the smaller prizes, while higher value aliens each have 2 eyes and horns to make them stand out. A swirling blue and pink ball of energy is a wild symbol that will act as any other and can therefore connect more symbols together for higher payouts.When the five metres are all charged, the Special Wild Gargantoon feature joins the queue and adds a 3x3 wild .

Reactoonz Slot - Symbol assets
Reactoonz Two Eyed Pink Alien Symbol
Two Eyed Pink Alien
X15 or more = 750x
X12 or more = 50x
X10 or more = 20x
X9 = 8x
X8 = 5x
X7 = 3x
X6 = 2x
X5 = 1x
Reactoonz Two Eyed Green Alien Symbol
Two Eyed Green Alien
X15 or more = 300x
X12 or more = 25x
X10 or more = 10x
X9 = 4x
X8 = 3x
X7 = 2x
X6 = 1x
X5 = 0.8x
Reactoonz Two Eyed Orange Alien Symbol
Two Eyed Orange Alien
X15 or more = 150x
X12 or more = 10x
X10 or more = 5x
X9 = 3x
X8 = 2x
X7 = 1x
X6 = 0.8x
X5 = 0.6x
Reactoonz Two Eyed Blue Alien Symbol
Two Eyed Blue Alien
X15 or more = 75x
X12 or more = 5x
X10 or more = 3x
X9 = 2x
X8 = 1.5x
X7 = 1x
X6 = 0.7x
X5 = 0.5x
Reactoonz One Eyed Purple Alien Symbol
One Eyed Purple Alien
X15 or more = 10x
X12 or more = 3x
X10 or more = 1x
X9 = 0.8x
X8 = 0.6x
X7 = 0.4x
X6 = 0.2x
X5 = 0.15x
Reactoonz One Eyed Brown Alien Symbol
One Eyed Brown Alien
X15 or more = 10x
X12 or more = 3x
X10 or more = 1x
X9 = 0.8x
X8 = 0.6x
X7 = 0.4x
X6 = 0.2x
X5 = 0.15x
Reactoonz One Eyed Green Alien Symbol
One Eyed Green Alien
X15 or more = 3x
X12 or more = 1x
X10 or more = 0.8x
X9 = 0.6x
X8 = 0.3x
X7 = 0.2x
X6 = 0.15x
X5 = 0.1x
Reactoonz One Eyed Yellow Alien Symbol
One Eyed Yellow Alien
X15 or more = 3x
X12 or more = 1x
X10 or more = 0.8x
X9 = 0.6x
X8 = 0.3x
X7 = 0.2x
X6 = 0.15x
X5 = 0.1x
Reactoonz Special Wild Symbol
Special Wild
Reactoonz Wild Symbol


Bonuses and Special Features

The highlight is the Metre on the right side of the screen which leads to a lot of features. Let’s see all the fun and exciting features below.

Quantum Leap Feature

The metre on the right side where Gargantoon is, charges up everytime a winning combination lands on the grid. Each time it is charged, a random Quantum feature is added to a queue. Charging the metre takes 25 symbols winning. There are four different types; Implosion, Incision, Demolition and Alteration.

Implosion Feature

Reactoonz Slot - Implosion Feature

Here, 3 up to 6 symbols transform into wilds, and neighboring symbols are destroyed.

Alteration Feature

Reactoonz Slot - Alteration Feature

A low-value symbol is randomly selected, and all occurrences of the symbol transform into another symbol. If there are no low-value symbols on the grid, then an alien with a high value is chosen.

Demotion Feature

Reactoonz Slot - Demolition Feature

Every instance of a low-value symbol is destroyed and removed from the grid.

Incision Feature

Reactoonz Slot - Incision Feature

A wild symbol is cut into the centre, creating two traversing diagonal lines across the grid. The same symbol is then displayed.

Gargantoon Feature

Reactoonz Slot - Gigantoonz Feature

When the five metres  are all charged, the Gargantoon feature joins the queue and adds a 3x3 wild randomly on the grid. Every cascade makes the Gargantoon split into two 2x2 wilds and split again into nine 1x1 wilds with the next cascade.

No Wins Feature

Reactoonz Slot - No Wins Feature

If this doesn’t bring one a win, one randomly triggered quantum feature is activated. Throughout the features, you may charge up the metres for a chance at getting more quantum features. The metres only reset if you form no more winning combinations.

Instability Feature

Reactoonz Slot - Instability Feature

If you don’t have a winning spin, the Gargantoon can drop 4-8 wilds randomly on the grid. Another benefit is the Giantoonz feature, which comes into play if four adjacent matching symbols appear in a square (2x2). If they do, Giantoonz from doubling wins in any successful combo.

Fluctuation Feature

Reactoonz Slot - Fluctuation Feature

A random low valued symbol is denoted as the fluctuating symbol on every spin. If it’s part of a winning combo, it leaves behind two wilds on the grid.


Game Reviews

Reactoonz has received superb reviews across several casino gaming sites. Some even say Reactoonz is simply one of the best grid slots ever made. Based on player review the game engine is outstanding as is the mathematical model which is well balanced. Although it may seem a bit confusing and complicated since there's so many features in the game (which is a good thing), you'll get a hang of it in no time after a number of spins.


Pros and Cons

Every game has its own strengths and weaknesses but don't let the weaknesses ruin the fun. Let's take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of Reactoonz.

  • Intoxicating Visuals 
  • Progressed Cluster System 
  • Promising Cascades
  • Multiple Features
  • Highly Entertaining
  • RTP of 91% is around average 
  • No Progressive Jackpot



Reactoonz Game Video

If you would like to take a peek of Reactoonz' visuals and gameplay at the comfort of just watching, then we have just the right thing for you. We have prepared a short video demonstration that we really hope you will enjoy watching! Now let's go meet these cute little aliens.

Game FAQ

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers about the Reactoonz slot.

What is the maximum bet for Reactoonz?

The maximum bet is 50.

What is the minimum bet for Reactoonz?

The minimum bet is 0.20.

Can I play Reactoonz on mobile?

Yes, You can play this online slot game on any mobile device such as a tablet, an iPhone or even an Android smartphone at ICE36 Casino.

What is the RTP of Reactoonz?

The RTP is 91%.

What is the biggest potential win for Reactoonz?

The biggest potential win is x4570.


Play This Game at ICE36 Casino

Come and start your Galactic adventure! You can play Reactoonz on ICE36 Casino, you can also play this game on your computer, laptop or even a mobile device such as a tablet, an iPhone or even an Android smartphone.

If you're ready for the action, you can open an account at Ice Casino. Start spinning the reels and try your luck with cute aliens.

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