Which Roulette Type Is Best for Me?

Roulette Types

Online Roulette is as fun and simple as predicting which pocket the ball will roll into, placing your bet and then holding your breath whilst you wait for the wheel to stop spinning - all in the comfort of your own home!

It is important however to know about the different variants of Roulette - continue reading on to learn more.

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The classic American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette are all available to play online at ICE36 Casino. But, the variety doesn’t stop there…

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Now to the anticipated types of Roulette games:

Roulette Types

Due to their popularity (with the slightly increased odds and, in turn, reduced edge on the house) many feel the European and French wheels are the most common types of Roulette games players choose - this is taking into account odds at 36 to 1 (including the zero). In a delightful twist, the French game includes house rules named ‘La Partage’ and ‘En Prison’ which we will discuss more in depth below. The Americans decided to add an additional zero to their wheel giving 37 to 1 odds and an increased house edge, but there are more lucrative payouts because of this.

American Roulette


Late 18th century America and their version of the Roulette wheel was undergoing some transformations. Today, the main characteristic of American Roulette is the presence of both the 0 and 00 pockets on the wheel. Additionally, the order of the numbers 1 through 36 that sit in between the two zero pockets are different than in other forms of Roulette seen throughout the world. An American Roulette table consists of 38 pockets and bets are divided into two categories, inside and outside. The objective of American Roulette is very straightforward, you must predict which numbered pocket the ball will settle into when the wheel stops spinning. If you play a live dealer version of American Roulette, every player competes against the house and not each other - this sense of camaraderie is what is most appealing about the brick & mortar Casino version of the game. You see it in the movies, people dressed to the nines gathering an excitable crowd around the table and all are cheering for each player to win. 

Inside bets are as follows:

Straight-up – a bet on a single number where the chip is placed directly onto that number.

Split – betting on two numbers positioned next to each other and the chip is placed on the line between the numbers.

Street – betting on three numbers in a row and placing the chip on the line at the end of the row.

Corner bet – a wager on a square of four numbers placing the chip in the middle of the numbers where all four touch.

Five – betting on the numbers at the top of the board (0, 00, 1, 2 & 3). The chip is placed on the edge of the board where the 0 and 1 meet.

Line – betting on two adjacent rows of three numbers and the chip is placed at the end of the rows on the line between them.

Outside bets are as follows:

Column – betting on a whole column of numbers and placing the chip on the 2:1 block at the base of the column.

Dozen – betting on a group of 12 numbers, either the first 12, second 12 or third 12 and placing the chip on the corresponding block.

Colour – a wager on either red or black to win and placing the chip on the corresponding block.

Odd/Even – betting on the ball landing on either an odd number or even number and placing the chip on the relevant block.

Low/High – choosing between low numbers (1 to 18) or high numbers (19 to 36) to win and placing the chip on the corresponding block.

The Return to Player for a straight-up bet is 94.74%, meaning that over thousands of spins, you can expect 94.74% of the funds to be paid back to the players in winnings and the house edge averages 5.3%.

European Roulette


European Roulette does not differ too much from its American counterpart. Unlike American roulette which has 38 total pockets, including two zeros, European Roulette has 37 pockets and only one single zero pocket - it is the more popular of the two given the house edge is almost cut in half at 2.6%.

Inside bets are as follows:

Straight – a straight-up bet played on the number you think the ball will land on from 1-36 and the 0.

Split – a split bet is a shared bet placed on the line between two adjacent numbers. This bet can also include zero and one, zero and two or zero and three.

Street – a street bet is placed on the line at the end of a row of numbers; it covers each of those three numbers at lower odds. There are alternative placements for this bet that will allow the cover of zero, one and two, or zero, two and three.

Corner – covering four adjacent numbers at a time by placing the bet on the corner where the numbers touch. Offering a lower reward than the previous three inside bets, placement of a corner bet can be adjusted to cover zero, one, two and three together.

Line – this bet covers six numbers and is placed at the end of two rows of numbers on the border where the two meet.

Outside bets are as follows:

Column – a column bet covers an entire column of 12 numbers and is placed in the 2:1 block at the end of the column you want to back.

Dozen – like a column bet, a dozen bet also covers 12 numbers, but the formation of the grouping means that these numbers run concurrently (a bet on any of the first 12, second 12 or third 12 boxes.

Red/Black – a colour bet is a 50/50 or even money bet on whether the ball will land in a red or black coloured number slot.

Odd/Even – also a 50/50 bet, but here the bet is whether the number the ball lands on will be odd or even.

Low/High – the last of the outside bets, this even money bet is placed on whether the ball will fall on the lower numbers 1-18 or the higher numbers 19-36.

This is a fast-paced game and the payouts vary widely depending on the risk profile of the bet that is placed. 

French Roulette


French Roulette does sound like a round cake delicacy that can be found behind a glass partition at a boulangerie (bakery). However, Roulette is a casino game named after the French name meaning ‘little wheel’ and was likely developed from the Italian game Birbini. Compared to its American and European counterparts, the French Roulette wheel happens to have the most favourable chance of winning with a house edge at 1.35%, on even money bets. It also comes with its own proprietary rules, La Partage and En Prison - changing the rules on outside bets whenever zero comes into play. En Prison’s objective is when the ball lands on the zero pocket, your outside bet is kept on the table. You get an extra spin, but if zero occurs again, you lose the bet. Otherwise, wins and losses are retained. La Partage means you lose half of your outside bet whenever zero appears. Additionally, you gain the rest back so that you can place bets on the next spin.

Inside bets are as follows:

Straight – picking a single number from the available 36 numbers.

Split – pick two adjacent numbers on the grid.

Street – choose a row of three numbers in this bet.

Corner – select a group of four numbers.

Line – allows you to choose two adjacent rows of numbers.

Outside bets are as follows:

Rouge/Noir (Red/Black) – bets are placed on either red or black numbers.

Pair/Impair (Odd/Even) – picking either an odd or even number.

Manque/Pass (Low/High) – choosing 1-18 (low) or 19-36 (high).

Douzaine (Dozen) – select the premier (first), moyenne (second) or derniere (third) set of 12, indicated as 12P, 12M, and 12D.

Column – choose one of the three columns of numbers.

As you get more experienced with the standard bets mentioned above, you can move onto the main announced bets as follows:

Voisins du Zéro –  all numbers on the wheel between 22 and 25. This bet involves nine chips spread between splits, corners and threesomes of these numbers.

Le Tiers du Cylindre –  all numbers opposite zero, from 27 to 33. This bet involves six chips placed as splits between these numbers.

Jue Zero –  the six numbers either side of zero and the zero itself. This bet is played as three splits and a straight bet on 26.

Orphelins –  the eight numbers not included in the above bets. This can be played as orphelins en cheval, costing five chips as four splits and a straight bet on 1, or as orphelins en plein, costing eight chips as straight bets on each number.

Finales – bets on all the numbers ending in a certain number (e.g. 6, 16, 26 and 36) can be placed as either finales en plein (single number) or finales a cheval (either of two numbers). The stake varies according to the number of possibilities.

So Which Roulette Type Is Best for Me?

It all depends on your preferred style of gameplay! While it can be argued that the French Roulette game possesses the highest advantage, closely followed by European Roulette, American Roulette odds give the highest payout. Perhaps the best method to figure this question out would be for you to learn and give each variant of the wheel a go - see which one you appreciate playing more! Roulette truly caters to all adults from novice to professional, cautious to risk takers and those that play for fun to strategisers…

Regardless of which type of Roulette you decide, ‘wheel’ fun awaits you!


So, you’ve reached the end of our brief overview and you’re still interested in giving Roulette a go? Great! Did we also mention that our diverse selection of Roulette games are from well-known gaming providers? You are guaranteed functionality and sophistication from the best - as well as more unique releases, if that is what you prefer!

ICE36 has everything a Casino should have including great bonuses, many promotions, high security, a customer support team and VIP members also get their own personal account manager plus invitations to enter exclusive tournaments.

Grab a copy of our Roulette types and register now!

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