Slingo Deal or No Deal Slot Review

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Welcome back to ICE36, where we'll be focusing on the wildly famous Slingo Deal or No Deal casino slot today. This game was inspired by the enduring game show that is known all over the world. We'll be looking more closely at the Slingo Deal or No Deal slot machine in our review, so you'll know precisely what to expect if you decide to play this game.

Slingo Deal or No Deal Slot Details and Technical Features

Time to play one of the most well-liked game shows in recent memory, Slingo-style! For double the enjoyment, the Slingo Deal or No Deal Slot Game combines the greatest elements of Slingo and the popular UK game show. After choosing your lucky box, spin the reels to finish the grid and get Slingos. If circumstances aren't going your way, don't worry—you still have the infamous Banker's Deal to look forward to! Will you resist the temptation of his offer and stick to the decision you made initially? Or make a deal? The choice is yours!

Of course, this wouldn’t be a comprehensive Slingo Deal or No Deal online slot review if we didn’t take a closer look at how to play the game. It's simple to use the Slingo Deal or No Deal casino slot To play Slingo Deal or No Deal, first, set your initial stake using the + and - buttons.

Next, choose your lucky box from the 26 boxes that are offered. The 25 other boxes will fill the 5x5 game grid while the box you choose will be set aside.

The Slingo side of the Slingo Deal or No Deal Slot  UK now comes into play. To start spinning, click the green "spin" button on the right side of the screen. Ten spins of the main game's five reels each are included in each game. The box will be opened and the prize value inside will be deducted from the game if the numbers you spun correspond to any of the boxes on the game grid.

In the Slingo Deal or No Deal slot machine online, a Slingo is made by opening 5 boxes in a line that is either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. You will then move up a spot on the prize multiplier metre on the left side of the screen as a result.

The Banker's Offer can be unlocked when four Slingos have been completed. You now have the following three choices to make:

  • DEAL: Accept the Banker's proposal.
  • NO DEAL: Reject the Banker's offer, then open your lucky box.
  • SPIN: Keep playing the game.

After each spin, selecting "spin" will bring up new banker offers.

A Full House is achieved by completing every Slingo that is offered! This will yield a 20x game multiplier! The game will terminate and a notification telling the player of the result will appear whenever a deal is reached or all spins (free spins and extra spins included) have been completed.

Game Symbols 

The Slingo Deal or No Deal online uses all the recognisable Slingo Symbols that fans know and love:

  • Joker: The friendly little Joker symbol will mark off one remaining symbol from the column above its reel position.
  • Super Joker: Mighty big brother the Super Joker is able to mark off any number in any grid position.
  • Free Spin: The free spin symbols do exactly what you think; they give you an extra spin for free when they are landed on the reel.
  • Devil: Just like the mysterious banker, the Devil symbol is one to be wary of, as landing this symbol on the reels will block potential matches.


The Slingo Deal or No Deal game accepts bets starting at just £1 each game and going as high as £100 every spin. While Slingo Deal or No Deal is a high volatility game, its return to player percentage of 95% is right in line with the average for Slingo games.

Slingo Deal or No Deal Slot Bonus Features


The Slingo Deal or No Deal slot bonuses are as follows:

Lucky Box

Players must choose one of the 26 "lucky boxes" available when the game begins. After a player decides whether to accept a deal or not, the box they selected is set aside and will be opened at the conclusion of the game. Although the amount of money locked inside the lucky box will not vary, it can be raised by making Slingos with higher cash multipliers.

Bankers Deal

Check out the technical details of our Slingo Deal or No Deal slot review to find out more about this intriguing offer…

Extra Spins

Slingo Deal or No Deal begins each round with 10 spins. Players can earn free spins at any time while playing. Players may also decide to pay for additional or unlimited spins towards the conclusion of the game or follow the Banker's Offer in the hopes of getting a Full House or a better offer from the banker.

Slingo Deal or No Deal Slot on ICE36


To take part in the game show action and try the Deal or No Deal slot online for yourself, sign up and play today at ICE36.

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