Reel Rush Slot Review

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Welcome back! Are you prepared for another in-depth exploration of a well-known slot machine? If so, stick around as we bring you a Reel Rush slot machine review. Keep reading to learn more about the statistics and features of this game as we fill you in on them in this article.

Reel Rush Slot Details and Technical Features

The Reel Rush slot UK is a unique fruit-themed slot game developed by well-known software provider NetEnt. With each successful re-spin, the diamond-shaped reel set in the online slot machine Reel Rush alters and enlarges. The format of the Reel Rush slot machine is a more compact 1, 3, 5, 3, 1, but thanks to the Reel Rush Re-spin function, this can expand into a monster exactly like the fruits that serve as the game's symbols!

When you land a winning combination, the Reel Rush casino slot's music picks up in tempo, adding to the excitement and suspense as you wait in anticipation for a lucky re-spin. The symbols in the Reel Rush game are entertaining as well and include a variety of fruits that have been transformed into chubby blocks, including pineapples, strawberries, and some candies; but more on this in the next section of our Reel Rush online slot review. The Reel Rush slot game is packaged in a clever and simple-to-use interface that was made with touchscreens, mice, and keyboards in mind.

Re-spins and free spins on the 5-reel Reel Rush slot machine provide an astonishing 3125 possibilities to win.

In order to place your initial wager on the Reel Rush slot online, you must be aware of the following:

  • Coins are needed to play Reel Rush, which has 10 levels and requires 50 coins per level.
  • There are no bet lines in Reel Rush.
  • The "level selector" is used to select the bet level, and the "coin value selector" is used to select the coin value.
  • The number of coins that you can bet is displayed in the "coins" column.
  • You can click the "max bet" option to place your wager at the highest stake amount if you don't want to change the different levels.

Game Symbols 

The Reel Rush online slot includes the following symbols:

  • Low-Value Symbols: The lowest value symbols are fruit-coloured candy
  • Blueberry: The blueberry is the lowest paying fruit symbol and awards between 10-100x your wager
  • Grapes: Grapes award 10-150x your wager
  • Melon: The melon awards 10-200x your wager.
  • Lemon: The lemon awards 10-250x your wager.
  • Pineapple: The pineapple awards 10-500x your wager.
  • Strawberry: The strawberry awards 10-100x your wager.
  • Wild Symbol: The wild symbol looks like a golden star. It can appear on any reel except from reel 1 and stands in for all other symbols.


Unlike most other retro slots that tend to lack on their RTP percentages, Reel Rush has a theoretical RTP of 96.96%, placing it nearly 1% above the market average and making it rival some of the flashy modern video slots.

Reel Rush Slot Bonus Features


The Reel Rush slot bonuses are as follows:

Wild Symbol

On reels 2 through 5, a golden star serves as the Reel Rush slot wild symbol. It can show up both in the regular game and during free spins and can take the place of any other active symbol.

Free Spins

You will receive 8 free spins if you land winning combos in re-spins five times.

The wager level and coin value you have been playing at will be used during the free spins.

Free spins are limited in number, and when they are over, a screen displaying your total wins for the game will appear.

Reel Rush Respins

This distinguishing characteristic sets Reel Rush apart from the competition. The reels will spin once more after each winning combination you land in the standard game, giving you the opportunity to win additional rewards. The reel will extend when the re-spin occurs and will keep expanding for each additional winning re-spin, greatly increasing the active pay ways, as can be seen below:

  • Original Spin: 45 active paylines
  • Re-Spin 1: 135 active payways
  • Re-Spin 2: 405 active payways
  • Re-Spin 3: 675 active payways
  • Re-Spin 4: 1,125 active payways
  • Re-Spin 5: 1,875 active payways
  • Free Spins: Played on a 5x5 grid that has 3,125 payways

Reel Rush Slot on ICE36


If you’ve enjoyed our Reel Rush slot review, and want to give the game a try for yourself, then sign up and play today at ICE36. All the games on our site can be played on any device you like, so you can enjoy Rush on the go via the mobile slot. Whatever you choose, always remember to have fun and gamble responsibly.

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