Slingo Riches Slot Machine

Slingo Riches

Game info

  • Biggest Win: £6,646
  • Min. Bet: £0.5
  • Max. Win: £20,000.0
  • Paylines: 12
  • Reels: 5
  • Produced by: Slingo
  • Game Theme: 2D/3D, Magical/Mystical, Numbers
  • Volatility: low
If you love the game of bingo and love slots, then the Slingo Riches online slot is right up your alley. Just as you would sitting in a bingo hall or playing any online casino bingo game, the aim is to fill up a bingo board with numbers. The added benefits here though, are the thrills, fast-paced action, and lucrative features of a regular slot game – you’re playing on a 5X5 grid with 20 paylines, wilds, free spins, and the chance to pocket a whopping £20,000 for a Full House win.

Slingo Riches Game Description

The Slingo Riches slot is a classic 75-ball bingo game by Slingo Originals, who took the online gaming world by storm by transforming the much-loved social game of bingo into a superb series of slots. Bingo is in itself a fun game, but a passive one, however, the unique game mechanics of the developer bring players thrills and excitement well beyond the original game. The idea in itself of playing a bingo game on which you can bet is a recipe for some worthwhile, immersive, and interactive gaming action. The game also throws in some strategy when players need to decide where to place their wild joker numbers.

The Slingo Riches slot machine can be played for as little as 50p up to £100 a game, and the more you bet, the higher the potential jackpot. For instance, for 50p the full house pays £100 while a £100 bet could win you £20,000!


How to Play Slingo Riches Slot Online

The first thing you’ll notice when you start playing the Slingo Riches slot online or via any mobile device is the hopper filled with bingo balls on the right of the reels. Place your bets – from just 0.5 coins per game up to 100 but give it some thought as that’s your bet level for the next eleven spins. Now, click ‘spin,’ the action begins. Pick a yellow or dark blue number on the board, turning them green stars.

The balls start spinning, and the line under the board fills with five numbers. Some jokers could appear acting as wilds and substituting for numbers. The game aims to fill the board. Every game starts with eleven spins on the reels, and each generates a number, which will hopefully match those in the row – and will be marked off on your board. After the round stops, any line of five successful numbers you’ve created above the grid - vertically, diagonally, or horizontally, are rewarded with a 'Slingo' and will move up the bonus ladder on the left of the screen. Each ‘Slingo’ accomplished wins a corresponding prize, and the more lines created, the bigger the reward. The biggest payout is made for landing a full house, and the wilds and free spins help get you there.

On the right of the board, the amount of free spins offered is displayed clearly in a box. There are also Audio mute controls at the top right, and an adjacent icon leads you to an easy playing guide.

With a 0.5 wager, you can win 100, and with the max wager of 100, a game plus a full house rewards a 20,000 win. Even a max bet on a single line can make it worth 10, so ten lines are worth 5,000. After the first eleven-spin round, you can up your bet and continue the round for a few more turns to try to fill your board. Otherwise, collect your wins and play a new round.

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Meet the Slingo Riches Characters

The Slingo Riches slot game has some very lucrative bonus symbols. The helpful Jokers are wild and mark off any number from the column at the top when they land on the reels. You’re also going to meet the Super Jokers that can help you win Slingos by marking off any number on the whole grid. If three or more Jokers and Super Jokers land anywhere on a spin, you earn a cash prize. The Coin symbols reward instant cash prizes, and the Free Spin symbols throw in an additional turn. There is another character to watch out for, and that's the Devil symbol – he blocks any potential matches you've made on the grid!

Slingo RichesSlot Game on ICE36 Casino

What sets the Slingo Riches game apart is that it's super easy to get into and understand. The playing guide is beneficial and makes the game that much accessible and easy to play. The slot is true to its roots as a bingo-like game and offers excellent entertainment and fun. Its full mobile compatibility makes it easy to play from anywhere whenever convenient. Also, the game makes you feel like you're engaging with it and not just watching. So, whether you love bingo or slots, pick your lucky numbers and let the balls start bringing in the prizes!

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