Mega Dragon Slot Machine

Mega Dragon

Game info

  • Biggest Win: £24,258
  • Min. Bet: £0.2
  • Max. Win: £3,900.0
  • Paylines: 0
  • Reels: 7
  • Produced by: Red Tiger
  • Game Theme: 2D/3D, Asian, Dragons, Oriental
  • Volatility: medium-high
With 8 reels and 7 rows, the Mega Dragon slot game from Red Gaming has a traditional design. Set in an Asian Temple surrounded by a mountain backdrop, it is very colourful to look at. You can play with the mega dragon as you play this animated, festive slot machine with a total of 8 paylines and 96.19% RTP.

Mega Dragon Game Description

The Mega Dragon game is categorised as a cluster pay slot. This means that symbols do not necessarily need to line up along a line; just touching each other on the grid in clusters is enough to land a winning combination. Mega Dragon slot by Red Gaming have a total of 8 paylines and 3,888x stake. Mega Dragon slot online need only 0.20 per spin. There are no free spins on the offer, but there is a chance to wake up three sleeping Dragons, simply by landing two Wilds on adjacent positions. With its high volatility this Mega Dragon grid slot online game needs only to land a cluster of at least five matching symbols, horizontally or vertically adjacent, to land a win.

How to Play Mega Dragon Slot Online

Before you play, take a look at these instructions. The Mega Dragon slot machine will grant you wins regardless of reels, rows, or lines. As long as the symbols land next to each other or their sides touch, you can win. Once you’ve set your paylines and your bet amount anywhere from 0.20 to 20, just click Spin to start. The amount you receive for your matching clusters depends on your stake as well as the value of each symbol. The Golden Ingot is the symbol that pays the most, followed by Golden Coins, Pearls and Scrolls. Also, there are 10-A playing cards acting as low-value symbols.

In the Mega Dragon online slot any winning cluster of symbols will explode and more will drop down from above, giving you a second chance at creating a win. If a cluster of 5 or more of the same symbols touches horizontally or vertically it creates a win. The bigger the cluster the more wilds you can get. It only drops on the reel when you get any win using a high paying symbol. It will then stay on the reels until it awards a win. For the dragons, when two or more adjacent wild symbols land next to each other vertically or horizontally, you get one dragon on screen. You can trigger more than one dragon at a time.

  • Green Dragon: This dragon converts a random number of symbols into the same type of high paying symbol.
  • Golden Dragon: This dragon converts a random number of symbols into wild symbols.
  • Red Dragon: This dragon converts a random high paying symbol into a 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 mega tile symbol.
Mega Dragon Slots ICE36 Mega Dragon Slots ICE36 Mega Dragon Slots ICE36 Mega Dragon Slots ICE36

Meet the Mega Dragon Symbols

The ambiance of this game is set in the mythical mountains of China. The ancient temple is full of riches but guarded by three strong dragons. The theme is based on the Asian Dragons, and they will be present in the game in different colours, especially once the bonus features trigger. There are three dragons with three different powers. The Golden Dragon converts a random number of symbols into wild symbols. The Green Dragon clones random symbols into the same type of high-paying symbol. The Green Dragon is triggered by two or more adjacent wild symbols. The Red Dragon chooses a random high paying symbol and converts it into a megatile! The Red Dragon is triggered by two or more adjacent wild symbols.

The Mega Dragon looks elegant with a calligraphy-style font. The other higher-paying symbols are all elements from Chinese traditions and culture: coins, a feng shui bagua mirror, a fortune sign, and scrolls! Since this revolutionary game pays in clusters, as long as the symbols are connected-you’ll have a win. You have more chances of winning. For example in Mega Dragon, matching 25+ of scroll symbols will award a maximum payout of up to 200 while matching 5+ of these symbols will award a minimum payout of up to 0.5! The second set of characters include generic card icons A, K, Q, J, and 10. These symbols represent the low paying icons in the game and will award different payouts.

Mega Dragon Slots ICE36

Mega Dragon Slot Game FAQ

What is the maximum bet for Mega Dragon?

For Mega Dragon, the maximum allowed bet amount is 20.

What is the minimum bet for Mega Dragon?

You can bet for as low as 0.20. There is a generous free-play option with 1000 credits so you can try out the game for free. This is great if you are a beginner and you want to familiarise yourself first before placing your bet.

Can I play Mega Dragon on mobile?

You can play Mega Dragon on mobile in both android or iOS. It also fits all screens of different devices like computer, tablet, laptop, and TV as long as you have internet connection.

What is the RTP of Mega Dragon?

The Mega Dragon RTP is slightly above-average 96.17%.

What is the biggest potential win for Mega Dragon?

When you play, you could win up to 3,888 times your bet when you play Mega Dragon.

Mega Dragon Slot Game on ICE36 Casino

Red Tiger Gaming created this classic game. For an exciting, fun, and sophisticated online slot experience visit ICE36. If you're searching for a simple game to learn and start into slots, we recommend this since the game has a generous free-play option with 1000 credits so you can try it out. This game is open to both high-rollers and normal players.

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