Ivory Citadel Slot Machine

How to Play Ivory Citadel Slot Online

The fun on the reels of the Ivory Citadel slot game can begin as soon as you select the bet from the range of available sums. The smallest bet is only 0.10 and the biggest bet is 100.00 per spin.

The bets consist of the line bet extrapolated across the 20 paylines. The smallest line bet of the Ivory Citadel slot online is 0.005 and the biggest bet is 5.00 per spin.

Once you have selected your bet you can choose to make single time spins by pressing that button once or you can opt for the autoplay mode.

The menu button lets you configure some of the options that don't influence the gameplay and view the paytable.

Meet the Ivory Citadel Symbols

While exploring the Ivory Citadel online slot, you will meet up with eight base game symbols. At the lowest value level, these include a royal suite of A, K, Q and J, plus three rampant beasts of greater value: a ferocious tiger with burning eyes, a dangerous looking horned buffalo with flared nostrils, and an evil snake with yellow eyes and venomous fangs. These deadly animals are depicted in bright, bold colours and have been given the characteristic appearance of supernatural beings – exotic creatures who look half-spirit and half-beast. There is a Mystery Symbol, which features a question mark framed by beastly horns, and the Ivory Citadel logo itself – which, at a maximum of 40 times your stake, is the highest-value game symbol.

There is also a Wild Symbol resplendent in gold on a pink background, as well as a Free Spins logo with a design feature.

Ivory Citadel Slot Game FAQ

What is the maximum bet for Ivory Citadel?

100.00 is the maximum bet of the game.

What is the minimum bet for Ivory Citadel?

Ivory Citadel has a minimum bet of 0.10.

Can I play Ivory Citadel on mobile?

The game can be played on smartphones and tablets.

What is the RTP of Ivory Citadel?

The RTP of the game is at 96.03%.

What is the biggest potential win for Ivory Citadel?

The biggest potential win of the slot is X1,968 your wager.

Ivory Citadel Slot Game on ICE36 Casino

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