Fruit Warp Slot Machine

Fruit Warp

Game info

  • Biggest Win: £31,250
  • Min. Bet: £0.1
  • Max. Win: £1,100,000.0
  • Paylines: 9
  • Reels: 0
  • Produced by: Thunderkick
  • Game Theme: 2D/3D, Fruits
  • Volatility: medium
Fruit Warp slot machine is a Thunderkick classic that is very familiar to many. The fact that this game has remained so popular despite the absence of wild symbols, scatters, paylines, or even reels says a lot. It's probably because the supplementary features are really appealing, and the potential is enormous. You can win up to 11,000 times your bet, and the RTP is a very generous 97 percent.

Fruit Warp Game Description

Fruit Warp slot is an acidified version of a classic fruit machine, and Thunderkick has really distorted it into something unique. Fruit symbols float through the air, and you win if you land three to nine matching symbols on the screen at the same moment. Paylines in the Fruit Warp slot game are not present. You may stake up to 100 every spin.

If you're curious, this is an extremely volatile game. High volatility usually indicates good potential and Thunderkick does not disappoint. In this game, you can win up to 11,000 times your bet, and the RTP is a very healthy 97 percent.

With numbers like these, it's no surprise Fruit Warp is still going strong. The highest earning symbols in this game are the most exotic fruits, but even the lesser paying symbols pay out generously. Because there are no paylines in this game, you can win by landing three to nine matching symbols anywhere on the screen in the same spin.

How to Play Fruit Warp Slot Online

The game mechanics are the same regardless of how strange it appears. The following four steps are all that is required for a gaming enthusiast to enjoy the innovative game:

  1. Choose your wager from a range of 0.1 to 100 credits.
  2. To jiggle the fruits, use the 'Spin' button.
  3. Wait for a winning combination to appear on the screen.
  4. Set the 'Autoplay' mode to make the fruits twirl at a set interval.

Fruit Warp game, unlike the rest of its fruit-themed contemporaries, lacks a Scatter, Wild symbol, or second-screen bonus, yet it is the only one of its kind. Let's take a closer look.

  • Re-Spin of the Portal. It's a fantastic chance to re-spin a few icons if you land four symbols of the same type. If a player lands two different fruit types, each with four of the same type, both groups will freeze and only one icon will spin again.
  • Extra Mode Possibility When four similar-looking fruits appear on the screen at the same time, this feature activates and re-spins the remaining symbols, allowing players to win a 'Fruit Mode.' However, it all hinges on a fifth fruit appearing following a re-spin.
  • Fruit Mode is a mode in which you can only eat. It's an exciting feature that activates when a player lands five similar-looking symbols on the screen at the same time.Players can get one re-spin if they match at least one of the game icons to a specific Fruit Mode type during this round. As a result, the Warp Meter, which includes multipliers, extra lives, and steps, begins to level up. When the meter reaches its maximum capacity, the mode ends. In terms of multipliers, a gambler can win up to 3x multiplier awards, which are awarded at the end of the game.
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Meet the Fruit Warp Symbols

Another feature that this Swedish company is known for is its high-quality visuals. Fruit Warp is a riot of color that provides pleasant images. Lower-value cherries, plums, and strawberries are among the symbols on the reels, which are set against a gleaming green backdrop. The oranges, bananas, grapes, starfruits, and kiwanos are next. The dragonfruit pays out the most, 216 times your investment for a 9-of-a-kind combination. To give you more idea about the underlying rewards for each symbol, let's go through it one by one.

The Dragon Fruit is the most giving icon. Striking nine of them will yield to 216 credits with just 1 bet of credit. The Papaya can bestow 45 credits after hitting nine of them with just 1 bet of credit. Next on the list is the Carambola. Obtaining 9 of Carambola after a spin will give 42 credits with just 1 bet of credit. Other satisfying icons are the Grape and the Banana that can produce 36 and 30 credits respectively with just 1 bet of credit.

If you don't get any of the high-paying symbols, there's no need to be dissatisfied. Low-paying ones like Orange, Strawberry, Plum, and Cherry may not add to your wallet, but they do provide small prizes up to 27 credits. And again, rewards given by these symbols may vary with the current bet credit or credits the player made.

Fruit Warp Slots ICE36

Fruit Warp Slot Game FAQ

What is the maximum bet for Fruit Warp?

The maximum bet for Fruit Warp online slot is 100.

What is the minimum bet for Fruit Warp?

The minimum bet for Fruit Warp is 0.1.

Can I play Fruit Warp on mobile?

Yes, you can. Fruit Warp is available in many devices of Android and iOS.

What is the RTP of Fruit Warp?

The RTP of Fruit Warp is a very generous 97 percent.

What is the biggest potential win for Fruit Warp?

The maximum win for Fruit Warp is 11,000 multiplied by the stake.

Fruit Warp Slot Game on ICE36 Casino

Fruit Warp online slot is one of the many games available at ICE36. It can pay off up to 250,000 times the amount you wager. There is a game for every discerning slot player, ranging from basic games to video slots with a variety of bonuses and features. Play Fruit Warp slot online today on your Android or iOS smartphone.

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