Fat Rabbit Slot Machine

Fat Rabbit

Game info

  • Biggest Win: £22,082
  • Min. Bet: £0.5
  • Max. Win: £250,000.0
  • Paylines: 50
  • Reels: 5
  • Produced by: Push Gaming
  • Game Theme: 2D/3D, Animals, Cartoon
  • Volatility: high
The Fat Rabbit slot is a fun and cute game by a relative newcomer to slot game development Push Gaming, which is steadily making a strong impression in the world of online casinos. Likewise, this game leaves its mark with a lighthearted concept, loads of bonuses, and creative graphics that will have you rooting for the game’s titular protagonist.

Fat Rabbit Game Description

Played on five reels and five rows, the Fat Rabbit game offers 50 active paylines. This means that all paylines are simultaneously active at all times. With the objective of the game to get as many carrots as you can for our rabbit friend, all while you try to steer him away from an angry farmer and his dog, this game is both humorous and heartwarming. The graphics of the Fat Rabbit slot game are just as cute as the title character, a huge white rabbit with a kind face. Set against the backdrop of a farm on a clear sunny day, the slot’s interface features a minimalistic yet easy-to-understand control panel that is kept simple so that the graphics are brought to the foreground.

How to Play Fat Rabbit Slot Online

Place your bet before you start the game, which allows you to place a stake for as low as 0.25. If you’re feeling like a high-roller, you can place a maximum bet of 100. Should you choose to play on that maximum stake, you might end up raking in up to 2,000 just for matching the highest-paying symbol alone. Even without playing any bonus games, Fat Rabbit slot online’s main game already offers the potential for huge wins.

Besides the draw of the cute, detailed graphics, Fat Rabbit online slot also boasts of amazing bonuses. No doubt as a slot player you already know what Wilds are. In case you don’t, they are symbols on the grid that can substitute for any other symbol so you can form a winning combination. But what makes this game stand out is the fact that there are three of them! Each of the three Wilds offers a different sort of bonus: the Rabbit symbol is an expanding Wild, the Wild Carrot symbol activates free spins, and the regular Carrot is a treat for the rabbit during the free spins.

Another adorable bonus comes in the form of the carrot metre, a creative feature exclusive to this slot. The more carrots appear on the screen and the more the rabbit eats, the higher the metre goes up, which means that you get even more free spins.

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Meet the Fat Rabbit Symbols

Push Gaming is determined to produce its most fun, memorable game yet and they succeed with the Fat Rabbit slot machine just from their creatively designed symbols. As in standard slots, the lowest-paying symbols are made up of card symbols. But this time around, you won’t just see the usual letters and numbers from 10 to Ace. Instead, they are designed as symbols to represent each suit. Appearing as adorable carved wooden figures, you will find the Heart, the Club, the Diamond, and the Spade.

Among the higher-paying symbols that are designed to match the game’s theme, you’ll come across more cute designs featuring the angry farmer, the equally angry dog, a bucket of water, and bales of hay. Matching these will increase your wins, but it’s the Wilds that you want to watch out for so you can get the chance to increase your earnings.

With so many slot games showcasing pristine and painterly artwork, this game’s symbols stand out for their simple but memorable look, as well as the humour that comes with some of the symbols, such as the farmer with his gritted teeth and the dog exposing his fangs. Away from the elegance of so many other slots with classic themes, Fat Rabbit slot online stands out for its undeniable charm.

Fat Rabbit Slots ICE36

Fat Rabbit Slot Game FAQ

What is the maximum bet for Fat Rabbit?

You can set a minimum bet limit at 0.25. Want to stake the highest bet you can? The game allows a maximum bet amount of 100.

What is the minimum bet for Fat Rabbit?

You can set a minimum bet limit at 0.25. Want to stake the highest bet you can? The game allows a maximum bet amount of 100.

Can I play Fat Rabbit on mobile?

This slot is available to play on mobile and is optimised to fit any screen on any device. Bring the cute rabbit with you everywhere and play the game wherever you can get a steady Internet connection.

What is the RTP of Fat Rabbit?

The RTP of this game is 96.45%, which is quite high.

What is the biggest potential win for Fat Rabbit?

Despite no progressive jackpot feature, you can earn as much as 2000 times your stake, as long as you play with a maximum bet.

Fat Rabbit Slot Game on ICE36 Casino

If you’ve never tried a slot game by Push Gaming before, this could be the perfect time to try one now! Though it doesn’t offer any groundbreaking new gameplay mechanisms, it revitalises traditional slot features and gives them a refreshing spin. Combined with great graphics and some unique bonuses, this game is a roaring success for Push Gaming and a must-try for any slot player.

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