Berry Burst Slot Machine

Berry Burst Game Description

The Berry Burst game is unbelievably beautiful even from its loading screen. Featuring a lush, warm sea of colours, the game’s fruits theme will have you craving for, if not the fruits themselves, then a dreamy summer vacation. This game is played on 5 reels and 3 rows with a cluster pay feature rather than paylines, and features stunningly animated fruits as its symbols. Each fruit has a painterly quality to its design that meshes well with the warm berry-coloured gradient in the background, making for a truly gorgeous game. You will need at least 5 matching symbols in a line to win, so stock up on those fruits.

How to Play Berry Burst Slot Online

A relaxing, relatively low-key game, Berry Burst slot online requires only a very low minimum bet amount of 0.10 but allows you to try greater risks with a maximum amount of 200. Despite an RTP of 96.56%, this is a low-volatility game. The Berry Burst game has relatively few features, which some might see as a downside. But what it lacks in maximum prizes, it makes up for in the fun of potential smaller wins. The slot’s biggest draws are its aesthetic qualities and Wilds bonuses, as well as the Re-Spin bonus game.

Each feature comes with impressive animations, such as flying fruits and sudden bursts of colour when you hit a winning spin or when Wilds are triggered. This could well be one of the most beautiful slot games by NetEnt available now.

The Berry Burst slot game features Wilds that function much the same as in standard slots. These Wild symbols can substitute for any symbol and may appear on any reel or row. This applies to both the main game itself and the bonus round. This game also offers Expanding Wilds, a locking feature that keeps winning combinations on the grid in place while the rest keep re-spinning until the entire grid is covered and there are no more possible wins.

Berry Burst Slots ICE36 Berry Burst Slots ICE36 Berry Burst Slots ICE36 Berry Burst Slots ICE36

Meet the Berry Burst Symbols

Forgoing the usual card suit symbols that include the numbers 9 and 10, as well as the Joker, Queen, King, and Ace, the developers of this game opted for something much more unique and striking. The lower-paying symbols are represented by card game elements that recall the traditional symbols, but with an unusual touch: hearts, clubs, and diamonds make up the lower-value symbols. Each of these symbols at the lower end are much smaller than the higher-paying ones to help you differentiate them better. They also appear encased in a shining bubble with its own unique colour.

Though these low-paying symbols are already beautifully designed, Berry Burst online slot lets the fruits themselves take the spotlight. These fruits are the game’s highest-paying symbols. To win a cluster, you must chance on at least five of the same symbols. Across a 5x3 grid, you will find raspberries, orange slices, grapes, and limes, with raspberries being the most coveted among them. Despite a colour scheme limited to mostly warm tones, each fruit is designed to maximise their differences so it won’t be difficult to spot them on the grid when you play.

The game also includes a special feature not often found in other games: Whenever a Wild is triggered, the word will appear in huge, bright capital letters across the screen.

Berry Burst Slots ICE36

Berry Burst Slot Game FAQ

What is the maximum bet for Berry Burst?

You can place a bet for as low as 0.10 or as high as 200.

What is the minimum bet for Berry Burst?

You can place a bet for as low as 0.10 or as high as 200.

Can I play Berry Burst on mobile?

Berry Burst slot machine is mobile-optimised and can be played on any device, including Android and iOS.

What is the RTP of Berry Burst?

This game has a RTP of 96.56%.

What is the biggest potential win for Berry Burst?

The most you can win on this slot is €200,000 or 100,000 coins. On a game with fairly few features and only Wilds as bonuses, this is already a pretty huge amount. However, with a lack of a free spin feature, it could potentially put you at a disadvantage by making you place higher bets. But if you’re willing to take the risk, give this beautiful game a shot.

Berry Burst Slot Game on ICE36 Casino

Will well-thought-out design choices perfect for a relaxing playing experience that might still bag you some huge wins, Berry Burst slot is perfect for players looking for an especially beautiful slot machine with a calming look that stands out among other slots. ICE36 Casino provides you a safe online casino experience. The fun is just beginning so check out more slots here.

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